Seize the Unseen Seize the Unseen Seize the Unseen
Seize the Unseen
Everyone needs beauty in their life to fill their soul and bring positive thoughts. Come visit J.K.Bro & Company for a piece of yours.
Steel Designs
Steel Designs
There is something about steel that forces creativity. It's obviously hard to work with and that forces you to think differently. I create my own pieces but have created a few public installations for councils that enjoy wanting the public to be confused by a sudden piece of art in their park. Talk to me about your challenge and we can create something together.
Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Our pillows are machine washable and wont fade in the sun. Sets are also available, so you can pile up the couch on those cold winters. The inners are sold separately.
Being out in nature in its most wild form, provides endless inspiration for me and everyone who is with me. I draw on this inspiration for my art and attempt to show how we draw connections with each other or consciously create barriers. This image represents the challenges we have between man and woman but in the end it's just nature.
“I can't stop buying art from Jordan Bro!”
Jordan Bro offers a personal project for sale from the J.K.Bro & Company studio. There is an amazingly eclectic selection and I love spending an hour or so roaming around.
— Paul
“Something completely unique which also invokes conversation.”
We asked Jordan Bro to create something for a blank wall in our local library. Without even discussing rates we were jumping into ideas. We ended up deciding on a price based on past results. We probably ended up paying more because the piece was so amazing, but well worth it.
— Pauline
“Absolutely loved creating this bright and playful private commission.”
It was amazing working with Jordan Bro. A flamboyant approach made the whole project enjoyable. I loved the process as much as the result.
— Patrick
Jordan Bro
Jordan Bro
Jordan Bro has been painting since a toddler. Jordan Bro has dabbled with almost every medium from metal work to wood turning to paper-mache and antiquing. Always diving deep into the medium (you should see the studio after one of these dives) and ends up producing not only amazing pieces but also distinctively Jordan Bro. Always loving to talk art and occasionally loving life if you ask nicely so reach out if you need inspiration.